Reflecting on a Milestone Year: Burket's Triumphs and Innovations of 2023

Burket Team
Burket Team Wednesday, January 10, 2024

With 2024 now upon us, it’s the perfect moment to look back at the tremendous strides we made at Burket over the past year. Our journey through 2023 was marked by groundbreaking innovations, strategic partnerships, and a deepening commitment to the communities we serve. Here’s a look at the milestones that shaped an unforgettable year.

Reflecting on a Milestone Year: Burket's Triumphs and Innovations of 2023

Top Categories in Burket: Steering Market Dynamics

last 4 years

Reflecting on the evolving trends in the marketplace, each year has seen distinct categories rise to prominence within Burket:

2019 was marked by the popularity of milk tea. This category saw significant growth, indicating a rising interest in specialty beverages and a shift towards more diverse, gourmet drink options.

In 2020, the focus shifted dramatically to medical supplies. This was undoubtedly influenced by the global health crisis, highlighting the urgent need for healthcare products and equipment.

2021 saw a surge in the hardware and industrial sector. This trend pointed towards a growing emphasis on construction, manufacturing, and industrial expansion, reflecting a rebound in economic activities post the health crisis.

Baking ingredients became the highlight in 2022. This trend suggested a continued interest in home baking, possibly a carry-over habit from the lockdown periods and a growing appreciation for homemade, artisanal food products.

In 2024, the trends within Burket diversified. Categories like tea, dairy, and cooking oil maintained their prominence, resonating with an ongoing tilt towards wellness and gourmet experiences. The tech sector, notably computers, laptops, and accessories, boomed as businesses further embraced digitalization and the return to office-based work. Additionally, the steady demand in hardware, construction materials, and industrial tools reflected the sustained growth in infrastructure development.

2023 top categories

Strengthening SMEs: The Burket x BPI Partnership

Our alliance with BPI, formed in 2023, was a testament to our commitment to SME empowerment. By merging our marketplace capabilities with BPI's financial acumen, we're driving growth and innovation within the SME sector.


Launching Burket Chat: Revolutionizing Supplier Discovery

A standout innovation in 2023 was the launch of Burket Chat, our AI-driven assistant that transformed supplier discovery into an intuitive, conversational experience. This feature has already begun to redefine how businesses connect with suppliers, setting a new standard for customer engagement on our platform.

Financial Fitness Fair: Empowering Financial Wellness

One of our most significant achievements was our partnership with Proxtera, which allowed us to extend our marketplace to the international stage, facilitating seamless global trade for our Filipino business community.

Burket’s presence at the Financial Fitness Fair underscored our dedication to empowering MSMEs. Collaborating with international bodies like the Monetary Authority of Singapore, we shared valuable financial wellness knowledge to help businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Spotlight on Innovation: Burket at the Rizal Startup Event

At the Rizal Startup Event, Burket took center stage, sharing our vision for a smarter, more efficient procurement landscape. We demonstrated how our platform is revolutionizing business connections, reaffirming our role as a catalyst for transformation in the industry.

Expanding Our Family: Burket Team Grows

In the spirit of growth that characterized 2023, we are proud to announce that our Burket family has expanded. Each new member has brought unique skills and fresh perspectives that have enriched our workplace culture and enhanced our platform's capabilities. This expansion not only represents an increase in numbers but also a deepening of our expertise and a widening of our horizons. With a larger team, we're poised to tackle greater challenges and achieve even more ambitious goals in 2024.

As we embark on the journey through 2024, we carry forward the momentum of last year’s successes. Our resolve to streamline business procurement and foster a thriving business ecosystem is stronger than ever. Here’s to building on the foundations of 2023 to reach new heights in the year ahead.

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