Frequently Asked Questions

What is Burket?

Burket intelligently matches the relevant products, services, ads, and updates to the right customers thru their location, interests or industry.​

Who can use Burket?

Burket is open to any B2B buyer or seller. It's designed for businesses and corporate buyers who frequent marketplaces or look for products and vendors regularly. ​

What's in it for sellers?

As a vendor, you are assured that your products, advertisements, promos and updates are directly pushed to the relevant buyers or customers. ​

What's in it for buyers?

It is easier for you to look for products as a buyer. You will get updates, promos and products that are directly related to your needs while we keep the clutter away from your homepage.

Do you get commissions for our transactions?

We won’t charge you for any transaction since you directly transact with your buyer or supplier. The basic features are offered for free.​

What's next?

While we are building our network of suppliers and buyers, we will eventually release a Vendor Management System where buyers will be able to add new vendors, issue Purchase Orders to their selected vendors, request for quotation, monitor deliveries and have all the internal purchasing process automated and digitized in our system. ​