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If you are looking for quality rubber sneakers or canvas vulcanized shoes and a professional company located in the Philippines who will help you with your needs. This might be it for you.

You will get the professional look and the prestige you wanted. Your organization name or LOGO can be placed on the shoes.

You get higher efficiency from good traction sole. The sole is made with natural rubber for better traction. Slippery shoe soles can be hazardous and lead to accidents.

Your organization will get high standard approvals for looking neat. Cotton canvas upper is washable and easy to maintain. Cotton is also a breathable material that keeps the foot healthier.

Your organization will work better and increase efficiency. Combining canvas upper and rubber sole makes it flexible and comfortable for people to work with.

Cost-effectiveness will be passed on to your company. The vulcanized shoe is a cost-effective way of making durable, safe and comfortable shoes.

You will receive the expertise and professionalism of a company that derived from a shoe manufacturing business since the 1960s. With marketing reach nationwide within the Philippines.

With "VIPER" shoes, you get the extra boost on your organization's prestige and achievement. Your organization's morals and efficiency will improve.

"VIPER" shoes are designed by a qualified artists. It is created with emotions and details which can express your feelings or message across clearly.

Quality paint is used to give it the vibrant colors. The clear outlines and colors will keep others appreciating the designs from wear after wear.

It is made in the Philippines by one of the leading vulcanized shoe manufacturers to ensure you of the quality. You will be proud of it.

The sole is made of natural rubber for the traction you need. Slippery shoe soles can be embarrassing and potentially painful. Stride with confidence and be respected by others.

Combining canvas upper and rubber sole makes it flexible and comfortable. You can wear it every day and have a foot stress free time.

The insole is made of blown rubber. You get the bouncy feeling. Rubber being flexible also gets back to its original form better than most materials.

With "VIPER" shoe expressions, you will be proud to wear the printed designs that tell people who you are and what you want.

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453 Cebu South Road Kinasang-an, Pardo, Cebu City, CEBU