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About VFG Farms

Vfg farms proud to be one of the company in the philippines which is dedicated to promote good health through holistic approach.


to inspire healthy living by providing superior quality natural herbal supplements.


realizing the full potencial of herbal supplements from natural ingredients grown without additives, preservatives, or chemical alternations and provide holistic health and wellness with quality.

sole proprietor vivian flores gomez  of  vfg farms formerly known as rasco’s malunggay  a manufacturer and distributor of herbal and holistic products which was established since 2007.

vfg farms aims to provide a wide range of holistic products which are substantial to health.

vfg farms also provides products to companies in a variety of industries and non-profit organizations and individual. whereas vfg farms uses integrated nutritions system to farming, introduction of advanced farming techniques which is natural and does not cause harm to nature and the plant itself.

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Immaculate Village, Concepcion 1, Sariaya, QUEZON

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