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Pests are living creatures that can be found easily in the environment. They destroy the surroundings, our homes, even our source of livelihood. They contaminate our food and most frequently than not, cause all sorts of illnesses. A world without pests is an ideal situation but that does not happen in real life.

The grim scenario very will resonate with the Management of UPGREEN CORPORATION having been in the Pest Management Services business since 1991. Through their company ENTOM PEST CONTROL & GENERAL SERVICES CORP., they have encountered various situations and have provided an alternative and highly effective approach in controlling pests. Being one of the leading pest control companies in the country today, they thought of ways on how to further their contribution to the industry. Thus, UPGREEN CORPORATION was born in 2009.

UPGREEN CORPORATION is a professional distribution company dedicated to serving customers by providing highly effective, environment-friendly and reasonably priced pesticides to help improve human lives.

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2/F, Upgreen Building, Block 21, Lot 6 Jasmin Street , T.S. Cruz Subdivision, Almanza II, , Las Pinas City , National Capital Region (NCR)

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