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UNI CABWIRE is fully committed to connect, unite and ultimately, help people through the different products and services that we provide. We focus our efforts on markets that demand high-performance and great value connectivity solutions, energy-saving products and energy-efficient systems. We add value through mutually beneficial partnerships, high quality products, competitive pricing, advanced technology-sharing, responsive technical service, and prompt delivery while always aiming to build lasting relationships with our stakeholders. With our very own AXESS and US brand, we offer Networking Cables Coaxial Cables, Fiber Optics and other cables used for data and signal transmission as well as the components and connecting hardware used for installation and optimization of these VDI cables. Empowered by our remarkable relationship with our partner companies–General Cable, Schneider Electric and other foreign manufacturers, we also offer power cables, instrumentation and control cables, wiring devices, lighting control systems, stand alone sensors and dimming systems and other progressive electronics and communication technology.

Established in 1999, UNI CABWIRE developed it’s competence in networking and structural technology though our sizeable cache of experience by being one of the pioneers to provide connectivity solutions to the then emerging domestic IT and ICT market. We pioneered in the Philippine market the OEM AXESS line for data networks and telephony. The aggressive marketing campaign that marked our entry in the market pushed the AXESS brand into the forefront, capturing a significant market share with the active support of our partners of system integrators and contractors. Since then, the AXESS brand has expanded to include complete packages both in the copper and fiber optic platforms.

To meet the demand of clients with preferred brands, we partnered with USA-based GENERAL CABLE in mid-2004, tapping their range of cables used in process control, instrumentation and various building electronic systems. This partnership has been maintained actively to our mutual benefit.

Rising energy costs and environmental concerns have prevailed upon us to contribute our share by making available to the Philippine market state-of-the-art technologies that address these issues. In 2010, we partnered with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA, a global leader in energy efficiency, which awarded to us the distribution rights of the high-performance SCHNEIDER VDI CABLING SYSTEMS, a complete end-to-end solution to voice, data and image communication requirements. After a short six-month span, the product package was expanded to include the SCHNEIDER C-BUS LIGHTING CONTROL AND HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM, a timely addition as it meets the energy efficiency requirements of the ratings systems of all Green Building Councils. C-BUS is simple to install, integrates with other systems and protocols and is reasonably

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11-A Dagot St. Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City, National Capital Region (NCR)