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About TiongHwa Food Products

TiongHwa Food Products Corporation started December 2003. Our primary aim is to deliver Soya foods at affordable prices without compromising the taste and quality of the product. We are aware that the increasing popularity of Soya foods are mainly attributed to Soya beans because it has a great amount of health benefits, but the availability of good quality Soya foods are rare in the Philippines. For that health loving reason and ardent Soya fanatics, we have transpired an idea that it is about time to uplift the standard of Soya foods in the market and that is how TiongHwa Food Products Corporation was established.

We at TiongHwa began with developing the correct processing technique to produce tasty and healthy plain soymilk. Our soymilk are offered in Sweetened and Unsweetened form, and for our tofu we have three kinds; Firm Tofu, Soft Tofu and Silk Tofu. And for tea we have Winter Melon Tea.

Our customers can be rest assured that our Tofu, Winter Melon Tea and Soymilk are healthy products because we do not add preservatives or flavorings in it. We are committed to give our customers the satisfaction they deserve every time they consume our products.

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Plaza 3, Cartimar Shopping Center Cartimar Ave, Pasay, National Capital Region (NCR)