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About Tiltilan Delicacies

Good day! 

It started with a dream, and a vision for the community to be engaged. Making a condiment that will be widely used and easier to be made and delivered. Knowing its base product to be vinegar it can be stored longer and can be consumed at a much longer time. “tiltilan” (sawsawan/dip)is widely used by kapampangans for every food and snack. 

We, Tiltilan Delicacies is a company which manufactures naturally made cane vinegar and caters to resellers and distributors. Our company provides its customers with a range of unique flavors backed by competitive pricing and quality products. 

Customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal and guarantees delivery of ordered products with no delay plus the assurance in our quality. 

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234, everybody 2, San Simon, PAMPANGA