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About Techglobal Incorporated

Company Profile

Techglobal Incorporated is the Pioneer of PPR Pipes & HDPE Pipes in the Philippines

About Us:

Formerly known as Megasystem Enterprises and Manila Solid Marketing, Techglobal Incorporated was established with the aim of providing clean and safe water to all Filipinos that is coupled with environment-friendly world-class piping products.

As Megasystem, it serves as the largest water and sanitary pipe distributor in the Philippines and was the pioneer of PPRC pipes & fittings, with the introduction of VESBO, and HDPE pipes & fittings. Due to the quality and excellence of its products, it was awarded the Superbrand status twice in a row.

Currently, Techglobal strives to build on what Megasystem has accomplished which is provide to all Filipinos accessible safe and drinking water through innovative technology that is designed in line with nature.

Vision Statement:

Techglobal Incorporated envisions itself to be the leading pipe distributor in the country by consistently pioneering advancements in the industry.  It envisions supplying the whole of the Philippine Islands to provide every Filipino access to safe and clean water.

Mission Statement:

Techglobal Incorporated aims to continuously develop its piping products to create a sustainable society with safe living standards for all Filipinos.

It envisions two important points:

1. Building a sustainable future for the Filipino community.

2. Transforming each Filipino household into a healthy and safe living environment.


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506 Ilang-Ilang St, San Nicolas,, Manila, National Capital Region (NCR)