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About Sytengco Philippines Corporation

The Company offers a comprehensive selection of chemical products to service the following industries: food ingredients, industrial, agribusiness, feeds and veterinary care, pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetics. It also provides value-added service to its customers by providing logistics management in sourcing, procuring, warehousing and transporting the chemical products and materials. It competes on the basis of price, product diversity, supply availability, product reliability, and market compatibility.

The Company provides a one-stop-shop business solution that allows for choice and convenience to its customers. The Company engages in multiple sourcing from different chemical producers and sells a diverse and broad range of chemical products and ingredients. Its highly diversified portfolio of products allows the Company to bundle and combine multiple orders of different products in smaller volumes, providing for a convenient stable source and “one-stop-shop” single partner for the various chemical needs of its market customers. Clients are offered a full line of chemical and ingredient products on stock for which they can order in great variety and programmed for dispatch and delivery in accordance with their requirements.

The Company was incorporated on 17 July 2001 and was formerly known as Sytengco Philippines Corporation. The Company’s principal place of business is at No. 10 Resthaven Street, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City, Philippines.

Currently, the Company maintains a network of 15 distribution warehouses in five (5) sites in the Greater Manila Area and the province of Bulacan. These storage facilities have a combined floor area of approximately 46,000 square meters and a storage capacity of over 18,000 metric tons. Such warehousing and distribution capabilities provide for opportunities for collaborations in supply chain optimization with its business partners.

This logistics infrastructure provides for enormous flexibility as the Company is able to offer a variety of products to a diverse set of customers and markets. Specifically, these warehousing and distribution capabilities allow the Company to service the requirements of its customers in a just-in-time delivery basis such that the Company effectively acts as if it holds the chemical inventory of its customers. “Just-in-time” deliveries provide customers with a cost-effective way to manage their inventory carrying cost which is increasingly important to customers in choosing their supply partners.


The Company traces its roots to the 1970s when its founder Mr. Necisto U. Sytengco opened a single proprietorship merchandising firm in Sta. Cruz, Manila to engage in the import-wholesale trade of electronics spare parts and chemicals to local and foreign-owned processors, integrators, millers, refineries, and manufacturers.

In the 1980s, the chemical trading business expanded and grew. Seeing the potential for more growth in this industry, the Sytengco Family began setting up large dedicated and strategic distribution and warehousing facilities to better manage the flow of materials, gain economies of scale and have a more leveraged cost structure. These additional capabilities provided for a distinct competitive advantage as it allowed the Company to purchase bigger supply volumes and benefit from volume-based pricing as well as carry a more diversified product offering.

Since the 1990’s the Company has become an important chemical supplier to leading manufacturing businesses. It further expanded its distribution-warehousing facilities and product portfolio to serve the chemical requirements of high growth markets such as food ingredients, industrial, feeds, agriculture and veterinary care, pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetics.

As it moved into the new century, the Company focused on enhancing its management system and improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its operations. The Company centralized its back-office operations and implemented processes and procedures that led to better materials management and more cost-effective logistics services. By the 2010s, the Company embarked on the professionalization of its management team and focused on core business initiatives designed to strengthen supplier and customer relationships.

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10 Resthaven Street, San Francisco Del Monte, , Quezon City , National Capital Region (NCR)

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