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About Stratcon.ph

Stratcon has over 20 years’ experience delivering Renewable Energy and Sustainability projects across Southeast Asia.

Our team of professionals all share common values in addressing the world’s climate change issues coupled with an understanding of local regulatory and business environments to provide specific localised services and solutions.

We are ethical. We are Service Driven. We Provide Value For Money.

Stratcon.ph brings to market entry-level power metering services, providing an overview of the load and power consumption trends of your facility while delivering solutions with an immediate return. From there, we tailor solutions to our client’s needs, as Stratcon.ph delivers incremental investment solutions along the value chain to improve the facilities energy efficiency – lowering power consumption and operational expenses. Our IPMVP standardised tool establishes baselines of facility loads for which ESCO or other Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) solution’s real savings are verified. Only once your load is optimised we provide Owner’s Engineering services to install embedded generation solutions.

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, Makati, National Capital Region (NCR)