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Steelfab Water Solutions is a Western Australian company that has earned an international reputation as an industry leader in designing steel bolted, lined water tanks. With more than 50 years combined experience in the water storage industry, Steelfab's in-house engineers have passionately worked to raise their standard of excellence, and design a product that is both innovative and environmentally responsible. We now provide a world-class product to many countries; a product that delivers engineering excellence and gives every Steelfab client a totally safe, reliable, cost effective and proven water storage system. 

We are one of the most experienced, well-established water tank manufacturing companies in Australia. Our depth of experience means we can give you the best advice on tank and pump combinations to maximise the efficient and cost-effective storage and pumping of liquids and water. 
Steelfab Water Solutions tanks are ruggedly designed for use in the harsh climatic conditions found in Australia and elsewhere around the world. Tank sizes range from 9,235 litres to more than 10,000,000 litres. With our extensive experience and industry specific skills, we are uniquely suited to custom design and build the right water storage solution for your specific needs. 

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