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About Soapwerke Incorporated - Bath Soaps Philippines

Soapwerke first started operations in 2006.

100% QUALITY IS NOT SOMETHING WE ACHIEVED OVERNIGHT. it is the sum result of years of sacrifice,hard work, constant learning and cooperation with our satisfied clients. It was not always roses for Soapwerke Inc. As a startup, we had little or no business at all. As we mulled over our options, we therefore realized that we should focus on innovation, research and audacity in our work and showcase our expertise for clients to appreciate our services.

Bath Soaps Philippines, Soap Bars Philippines - Soapwerke Inc.We formulated new variants using the best moisturizing herbal extracts we could find. We then used specialized methods to craft them. Thru these variants, we showed our clients and friends just how wonderfully luxurious their soap could be.

We offered these bars as samples to our valued clients and then eventually as gifts to our friends and family.

Happily, we received great reviews and so Soapwerke received our first of many orders.

We still make limited quantities of our own soap bars. To ensure freshness, we make them exclusively in small batches. They are only made again after the earlier batch is completely sold.

If you wish to start on an entrepreneurial journey today, you can start by distributing these cream bars.

Your family and friends will truly appreciate these magical and luxurious bars.

Please call our office or email us your Letter of Intent and Complete Address.

We will work out how we can start you in your own journey towards business success while providing your clients with personal care products that are unique and wonderfully beneficial

We work hard, we work together and we work well. We are your wise choice for Beauty soap manufacturing in the Philippines.

Our goal is to provide good quality soap at competitive prices. We are the best Cosmetic Soap Manufacturer in the Philippines with experience in the production of bath soaps and beauty soap manufacturing in the Philippines . We manufacture cosmetic soap, beauty soap, bath soaps Philippines using European technology and high Quality assurance standards.


For the large personal care companies with their own soap brands and distribution channels in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao... and you want the world class technology behind each bar of soap, please consider Soapwerke Inc. as your toll manufacturer.

Your Vision and resources combined with our relentless passion for excellence in each bar of soap will create a synergy that can increase your market share quickly and decisively in the market place.

The product we have made for our clients are available in the shelves of prominent department stores, groceries, hyper marts, and drugstores nationwide.

Truly we stand squarely behind the Filipino companies in providing better healthcare for the Fi

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# 150 Ipil St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City, National Capital Region (NCR)

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