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About SJ Clothing Co. Manila PH Shirt and Hoodie printing

customizable. curated. convenient.

We give you this experience.

SJ Clothing Co’s top priority is to provide you with the means to have your own customized t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and caps the way you imagined, and in the most convenient and simplest way possible. This is the experience that you deserve.


Customizability doesn’t only mean having a number of options. Being able to customize means having to create it exactly the way you imagined, from the t-shirt and ink color down to the silkscreen print texture and thickness. And so this is the kind of customizing that we intend to give you.

It isn’t customizable however, when your are limited by it. So we made sure that we do not impose minimum order requirements for your personalized t-shirts and hoodie prints.


We guarantee top-notch quality for your products. For this we are able to take cues from our graphic designers and artists who are more than willing to give you options and suggestions as you please. We can help you turn your customized t-shirts from one that’s already good into something that could be even better. Like you we care about your personalized creations too.


We give you as much control as you want right at your fingertips. You can develop your own creations at ‘The Kitchen’. ‘The kitchen’ is developed to give you the power to customize your t-shirt, hoodies, jackets and caps at the most simple, convenient and creative way possible. At the kitchen you will find tons of shirt, hoodie, jacket, and cap design print options to choose from for your personalized creations. Customization should be a fun experience, it shouldn’t be a task.

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BF Resort Drive, Las Piñas City, National Capital Region (NCR)

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