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About SITA Pest Control Services

SITA Pest Control Services is one of the largest pest control services in the philippines, TERMIDOR a superb and highly reliable termiticide product of BASF, distributed locally by SITA Pest Control Services. Termidor is considered the best termite chemical available in the Philippines specified by topnotch Architects and Contractors as well as HomeOwners in the Philippines. The highly acclaimed Termidor is completely non-repellent and is fully capable of termite colony management & elimination. Meaning termites that are passing thru the Termidor treated zones are fully contaminated with Fipronil (Termidor’s very effective active ingredient) and bringing it like deadly contagious disease or virus to its colony or termite mound.Thereby, completely eradicating the entire termite colony. Although very potent to termites, Agenda is very soft to the environment and other insects since it is only targeting termite’s nervous and digestive systems.

Termidor is best for longer protection against termite attacks and infestation during pre-construction of residential & commercial building structures (4 years service warranty) and protection of existing building structures (3 years maximum).

SITA Pest Control Services excellence & commitment to its clients as Accredited Termidor Applicator of Termidor.

SITA Pest Control Services is also using Termidor Dust to fully support Termidor termite control treatment since both have the same very effective Active Ingredient – Fipronil. Termidor Dust is also highly capable of eliminating termites inside building structures.

SITA Pest Control Services is also an Authorized Operator of Termite Radiation System, a completely non-chemical approach to termite elimination.

For large scale commercial building structures and warehouses, SITA Pest Control Services is using termiticide products like D-Fence (from Jardine Distribution), Stedfast (Upgreen Corp.), Probuild TC (Syngenta) Boracare.

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21 F E. Rodriguez Senior Avenue Barangay Dona Josefa, , Quezon City, National Capital Region (NCR)

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