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Our humble beginnings started in the year 2000 when we introduced Durafresh Anti-Bacterial Rubber Gloves in the Philippines. With much passion and dedication, we were able to defy the odds and opportunities came our way. In 2003, we were able to forge an alliance with one of the most reliable suppliers of latex-based hand gloves (ranking among the TOP 5 manufacturers of its class in the world) and we were able to expand our product line with DPL Occupational Gloves. In 2007, we forged another alliance with Top Glove . . . the world's largest rubber glove manufacturer. 

Sanilife Enterprises now has dependable glove brands under its wing made available in different variants to suit different needs in different industries. Thus, Sanilife Enterprises envisions to be the preferred supplier of gloves in the country. Of the numerous importers of rubber glove products today, we were honored to be invited by the Malaysian Government to participate in a buying mission to establish a business relationship with them. 

A brief description of our area of specialty might enlighten you on the proper Hand Protection for your employees Keep in mind that proper hand protection is far cheaper than mounting medical bills. We offer a wide variety of glove products to serve the different needs of clients belonging to different industries. Our regular products include household rubber gloves in various models (also in different colors for color-coding requirements) for light-duty applications, heavy-duty rubber gloves for industrial use, and chemical resistant gloves for serious hand protection needs. Our brands include Durafresh Anti-Bacterial Rubber Gloves, DPL Occupational Gloves, Oates Clean Leather Work Gloves, Duragloves Powder-Free Vinyl Disposable Gloves, and Duragloves PE Disposable Gloves. 

From simply selling our products in retail outlets, we have grown to be one of the reliable suppliers of glove products to end-users. Our gloves of different varieties have found its way into the commissaries and kitchens of restaurants for use in food handling, processing of meat, fish or chicken, canned processed food, pizza making, etc. When it comes to keeping the place clean and sanitized, janitorial contractors prefer using our gloves too. 

Aside from the gloves, we have also been providing custodial products such as mop handles, mop buckets, mop heads, brooms, etc. to our clients in the service industry as well as to end-users. With much emphasis on affordability without sacrificing product quality, we have continued to expand our product line to better serve clients like you. This gives birth to our new line of cleaning products under the label . . . DuralifePro. DuralifePro Wet Mop Heads is now made available to give clients access to good quality imported mop heads made from the finest threads at affordable prices.

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47 Tendido Street, Barangay San Jose, , Quezon City , National Capital Region (NCR)

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