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About Sangra Leather Access Inc.

Turning the once dull field of shoe leatherette supplies into a blazing canvas of creativity has been the hallmark of Sangra Leather Access Inc. since it's inception in 1997.

The brainchild of two sisters, Grace Lee and Sandra Dee began as a small operation with barely eight employees and no warehouse in the heart of Marikina, home of the local shoe and bag industry. The founders, both mothers and jobless at the time, decided to engage in the leatherette business as Grace had a strong familiarity and working knowledge of the field has been an assistant sales manager at a major leatherette supply firm for a good number of years. Sandra, a housewife with a degree in psychology and a strong knack for numbers, took on the financial reins.

 The sisters noticed the local leatherette supply industry largely male-dominated at the time, often stood on formality and offered it's customers a fairly narrow choice of 5 to 6 standard and relatively plain colors, Sensing the opportunity, and realizing that the market might benefit from a more novel and decidedly feminine touch,they pioneered in introducing a wide assortment of brand new, bright and lively colors for their customers to choose from.

Little did they know then that their strategy would prove to be a real game-changer. Their customers loved the eye-catching and trendy selection. Coupled with a more personalized approach that was more sensitive to customer needs, the little supplier without a warehouse to call it's own, began to carve a unique niche for itself in a market once indifferent to change.

Today, in a time when downsizing and layoffs have become the buzzwords in a beleaguered world economy, Sangra has nearly tripled it's employee base while multiplying it's operating assets. The company also prides itself on providing a better future for its employees, offering assistance and guidance even for their families whenever possible. A factor integral no doubt, in it, 's resounding success. Firmly established as an industry leader, it remains true to its fledgling principles of innovative thinking, and continuously bringing new products to the market while fostering a strong personalized service standard toward all its customers.

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320 JP Rizal St., Sta. Elena, , Marikina City, National Capital Region (NCR)

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