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About Sangkutsa Food Products Inc.

Sangkutsa Food Products Inc., makers of Pik-a-Pikel® Pickled Mango, was established as a single proprietorship in 2013 and was incorporated in 2016. From its humble beginnings, its flagship product, the Pickled Mango, quickly became a hit amongst Filipinos and is now widely distributed in major supermarkets and “Pasalubong” shops nationwide. 

Armed with the vision of becoming a global brand, Sangkutsa Food Products Inc. is now eyeing the international market. Through the partnership with several government agencies, Sangkutsa Food Products Inc has been joining international food exhibitions abroad. As a result, the Pickled Mango is now exported to the USA, Canada, Norway, and China. 

As a 100% Filipino-owned company, our customers can expect a 100% proudly Philippine-made product that will be in the market soon. Soon, you can pick your choice of pickles… Pickled Papaya, Pickled Santol, Pickled Radish, Pickled Kangkong, and other pickled fruits and vegetables. 

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19 Champaca St, Roxas District, Quezon City, National Capital Region (NCR)