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About Salinas Food Inc.

Salinas is a company envisioned to lead and professionalize the salt industry in production, distribution and marketing. We shall competitively service the basic needs of the different industries of the country through salt and allied strategic industries of water, food and feeds. Salinas takes it's name from the Latin word "salinae" which means salt works or salt ponds. The word signifies the company's starting point in the salt industry and it's definition of its core business.

Our company differentiates its products through its broad and deep understanding of the various uses of salt. We uses the technical expertise of its industry-focused research and development/technical services department to match and meet the specialized needs of clients nationwide. To serve our customers, we have developed a nationwide sales organization to serve our customers geographically. Our logistics operations groups work to create an efficient, reliable and cost-efficient delivery of products. We work with industrial end-users through our sales and technical people, and have dealers in major cities around the country. This unique combination of client support provides efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for customer requirements.

Strategic Partners

Salinas sources its products from leading salt producers to meet rigorous requirements of its customers. 

It is the parent company of Pacific Farms, Inc., the largest salt producer in the Philippines. About 35,000 metric tons of industrial and commercial salts are harvested annually from its 500-hectare salt works in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It utilizes a modern solar evaporation method of salt production and employs very experienced personnel. Its process of solar salt making has eight steps: preparation, flooding, evaporation, crystallization, harvesting, washing, warehousing (packing) and delivery. Strict quality control is maintained in every step through a zero-defect management philosophy that enables it to produce high quality salt with excellent efficiency.

Quality, Technology and Services

These three elements are the key to Salinas' outstanding relationship with its clients. High quality is maintained through continuous innovations in its salt production process. The Research and Development / Technical Services provides valuable information to its customers, enabling them to determine their specific needs. Finally, the unsurpassed service of its highly competent sales force and logistics ensure the customer of prompt delivery effective product feedback and useful up-to-date developments.

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33 Sct Rallos St., Quezon City , National Capital Region (NCR)