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About RGC Textile Manufacturing Corporation

Being one of the remaining textile manufacturers in the Philippines, RGC Textile has time and again proven its ability to live up to and withstand all the challenges of the industry. It is through the adherence to strict manufacturing processes that we always assure our customers high-quality products with reasonable prices, reliable deliveries, and unmatched services.

The RGC Group of Companies was established in 1968, starting with the production of polyurethane foam–the Uratex we all know about today. The company, with its excellent relationship with the furniture and automotive industries, ventured into the textile business in 1983 with the company Mayer Velvet Corp., the predecessor company of RGC Textile was born. Using German machineries, the company started with the production of velvet fabric.  As is the trademark of the RGC Group, the company followed the market needs and produced Boa fabrics for the toy industry in 1989.  And then in 1995, it went into a technical tie-up with the well-known Tatsumura Textile of Japan to supply the Automotive OEM industry of the Philippines.

Accelerating business

Today, RGC Textile has expanded and is now manufacturing and supplying world-class fabrics for the home, office systems, bedding, automotive industry, and toy production.

The smart textile choice

For our customers, we exclusively offer customized design and color for a minimum order.

Expect us to be able to constantly supply your manufacturing needs and requirements without derailing your production.

Granted with the internationally-recognized ISO 9001:2008 certification, all our products have been proven to meet both the customer’s as well as regulatory requirements.

At your service

Your satisfaction is our number one priority that is why we still go on improving our processes and capabilities to maintain product and service excellence.

RGC Textile is committed in delivering not just fabric, but also an experience and an investment. Experience the feel of a well-created textile that can last for a long time.

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442 Evangelista St. , Santolan Pasig City, 1610 Philippines, Pasig, National Capital Region (NCR)

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