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About Philippine Newlong Corporation

Philippine Newlong Corporation is the official Philippine importer of Japan-based NLI (Newlong Industrial Co. Ltd.), machine manufacturer and inventor of various packaging systems since its inception in 1941.

As a Filipino company providing technical assistance, we are passionate about customer service and product integrity. Every business can benefit greatly from the use of technology, and we would like to guide you in evaluating your needs to finally making the right decisions regarding your packaging needs.

All the machines that we sell came from Japan's NLI plants. We ship them as you buy from us in order to ensure that every equipment you get is 100% new, never been used yet fully tested and guaranteed. Our offices all over the Philippines are your assurance that whenever you have concerns, we are by your side to serve you.

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Lydia Songano, Mac Arthur Drive, Tagbac, , Iloilo City , ILOILO