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About Pashmina Collection & General Merchandise

Presently, Anna Pashmina is the only specialty store of its kind in the Philippines and it will constantly seek to expand into other materials and designs relating to the use of the shawls and ladies neckwear in the Philippines. It is the first shop that sells pashmina in a variety of sizes, colors as well as designs. It is also the first accessory shop to concentrate on shawls with a wide range of fabric selection. Pashmina is our flagship product as the store name implies. All of our products are world-class.

Anna Pashmina is the "go-to" store if you need a shawl, scarf, muffler or kerchief whether it is made of pashmina, wool, viscose, silk, cotton or nylon.

Mission and Vision


To be the leading and a world-class specialty shop that supplies a broad range of shawls, scarf, and muffler in various quality material as well as accessories to create a complete look of a woman. To be a leading provider of quality products to our clients, guided by principles and sector of the Philippine society.

What is Pashmina?

PASHMINA is the finest cashmere wool in the world. It comes from the ibex that lives 10,000 feet and higher in the high altitude of the Himalayan Mountains. In winter, to protect themselves from the extreme cold, these animals grow an ultra-fine inner layer of down which is called PASHMINA. In spring, these animals rub their bellies on shrubs and this down is collected and spun into the fine PASHMINA yarn that is woven into luxurious shawls.

Once woven, each piece is individually hand-dyed. The result is a delicate, vibrant shawl that is becoming essential in your wardrobe or an accessory to your home. The quality, durability, and suppleness or Pashmina is unparalleled by any other wool in the world.

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36 Sanso Street, Corinthian Gardens, , Quezon City , National Capital Region (NCR)

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