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What is Dry Ice Clean Blast?

Dry Ice Clean Blast is a revolutionary cleaning method that uses dry ice. Unlike most other existing blast cleaners, no residue remains after cleaning as instantaneous vaporization means that no secondary contaminants are emitted.

Dry Ice Blast Principles

Comparison of dry ice blast cleaning and grid medium cleaning

The cleaning principle of dry ice blasting is the gas wedge effect.

When dry ice strikes the basal surface of the contaminant, volatile energy causes CO2 to be released laterally to lift up and strip away the contaminants. The cleaning surface remains undamaged, unlike the abrasive grit media cleaning.

*The gas wedge effect consists of dry ice being accelerated to supersonic speed causing miniature

explosions on the surface and stripping away unnecessary material from the base layer.

(OK even with a surface coating.)

(Teflon coating is stripped away.)

Characteristics of Dry Ice Blasting

Secondary contaminants are greatly reduced, if not fully eliminated

The base material is not damaged

Disassembly/Assembly of cleaned items not required (reduced work time)

Blast material does not need to be collected (cost reduction)

Revolutionary cleaning method with no environmental impact

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Lot 6 Block 18 St. Luke Street, Tierra Vista Subdivision, Nangka, , Marikina City , National Capital Region (NCR)

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