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About Manikhorlo Inc.

 Manikhorlo Inc. is a growing company of herbal products ranging from herbal toothpaste to organic soap, with the addition of Bignay and Guyabano tea, their most popular products by far. The company has reached a lot of consumers in and out of the Philippines.

    The founder, Mr. Frederick Lee is a nature lover and grew up using the benefits of organic products. With significant success in starting several enterprises even without formal business education, he founded Manikhorlo Incorporated a few years back in 2008. The company started with just a single product, the herbal toothpaste. It began selling its merchandise through bazaars in and around the metro. Despite its minute distribution channel, the product proved to be sellable even with such circumstance. So much so that loyal customers themselves become the company's first distributors. In 2010, they began to expand their product line with other organic products that was locally produced in the Philippines. Manikhorlo Inc. was then officially registered in 2013. 

 Today the business thrives on their customer’s trust and recommendations through word of mouth. The products are highly valued due to its ability to balance the human body system. Its health benefits continuously attract those who truly value their health and those who are prone to illnesses. These long list of benefits has reached a new familiarity not only locally but also internationally. In addition, the company is now the number one manufacturer of Bignay Tea and Guyabano Tea in the country. 

    Manikhorlo is the Sanskrit word for “wheel of wishes”. It is with this meaning that the company would like to impart to their customers, the hope and treasure of good health through their humble products.

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567 Mag. Mapa St. Bacood Sta. Mesa, Manila, National Capital Region (NCR)