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About Lina Alta Stevia

Lina Alta is a producer of Stevia products like pulverized stevia, stevia flakes, and dried stevia leaves — that can be used as a sweetener for your favorite drink or dish.


-To engage the community in Linayasan, Altavas, Aklan to Stevia farming. We want Stevia to be known not just as a simple herb that sweetens, but an herb that can give them livelihood — and eventually, improve their lives economically.

-To increase the marketability of Lina Alta's products to be able to support our goal to provide a livelihood for people in Linayasan.


We envision a better community, job opportunities, and income in the underprivileged community of Altavas, Aklan — through planting, harvesting, and promoting Stevia.

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#32 13th Street, Pacita Complex 1, San Pedro, LAGUNA