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About Limkaco Industries Inc.

We are Limkaco - Manila's leading standard in sign, awning and tarpaulin manufacturing and technology. We believe that tangible problems require tangible solutions. We cater to a diversified market in the Philippines, meeting the growing needs of a variety of businesses. Our vision is to utilize our products to elevate brands and showcase the Prosperity of the Philippines.

?Just as signs and billboards point toward a location or destination, Limkaco acts as a beacon of hope and confidence, allowing our clients' brands and messaging to really shine through. Our awning offers a place of covering and convergence while adding property value to the existing architectural infrastructure. Our custom designed and installed sliding curtains allow flexibility and durability to delivery vehicles. Our top-of-the-line technically coated waterproof Tarpaulin lines pond beds, pools, and dams, protecting reservoirs and cultivating resilient landscape structures.

Limkaco employs the latest advanced technology to customize our products. We collaborate with clients to understand their vision and goals. We design, plan and execute solutions to meet specific needs.

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168-170 Ignacio St., , Pasay City , National Capital Region (NCR)

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