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LER-M IRON WORKS (the Company) was established on January 23, 2017, by its Principal Engineer, Lorenzo Lerry B. Moreno IV, with the primary aim of providing quality structural and miscellaneous steel fabrications to clients such as contractors and owners.

Prior to the forming of the company, the Principal Engineer gained his experience in engineering design, steel fabrication, and construction from being part of both local and international companies.

The Principal Engineer and his Associates have combined experience of over 64 years in engineering design, steel fabrication, and construction industry. This expertise is supplemented by additional experience of specialists, engineers, and support staff. External consultants are also accessible to the company to work on projects requiring special expertise. All of these combined experience and expertise gives the company the capability to undertake a wide variety of projects that require knowledge on modern management techniques, use of computer-aided design softwares, and utilization of well-developed in-house softwares.

As in any responsible organization, supervision of projects is essential. The volume of the projects that the company commits into is deliberately scoped to permit the active involvement of the Principal Engineer. To ensure that clients will be receiving the best quality of output the company can provide.

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9 , Kappa St., R.T. Gonzales Village, San Bartolome,, Quezon City, National Capital Region (NCR)

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