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About Lamoncada Global Corporation

We aim to be one of the leading importers, wholesalers, and distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Philippine region. We are ready to meet the ever-expanding market demands of the industry.

Our company is proud to deliver high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to your locality at a competitive price. Customer Satisfaction being our primary focus, we will consistently innovate and adopt modernized approaches to keep up with the ever-growing consumer needs.

We have a built-in cold storage facility equipped with the new refrigeration and food storage technology that let the products to breathe and remain fresh for a longer period of time, eventually increasing the shelf life of the product. We also have an extensive warehouse storage capacity making us ready to in staying one step ahead in spreading our wings beyond the region.

Our vision is to expand our product line into multiple classifications including meat, rice, and other foodstuff goods. With far-reaching accomplishments that our team has to cultivate, we will be perceptive to be a renowned re-exporter globally.

Located in Cebu, Philippines, known to be the Queen City of the South, we cater to multiple operational facilities located throughout the country that enables us to reach our domestic and external clients with affluence. In addition to that, we aimed at reaching international markets as well as upholding our long-held partnerships with valued suppliers around the world adept with bringing in different types of products from all around the world at the best price and quality suitable for our clients.

Having a vast number of clients to serve, we profoundly emphasize on the importance of Logistics from the producers’ grounds up until your doorsteps. Our goods are shipped in containers by land, water, and air and are de-bulked into smaller deliverable packages of different selections by our fleet of cargo vehicles. Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every process to be able to serve clients around the clock.

With long-held relationships with global suppliers and partners, we guarantee uncompromised quality at a fair price. As we continue to grow, we strive to strengthen a culture of change to become accustomed to revolutionizing consumer preferences and endlessly serving their needs as well as tapping into potential markets.

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Unit #26 2nd Flr Talisay Town Center, Tabunok , Talisay City, CEBU

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