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About Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation

Established in January 1988, Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation is one of the first plastic manufacturing companies in the Philippines. It produces high quality yet cost-effective plastic products like furniture, kitchenware, cabinets, and houseware. Jolly Molding Corporation exports its products abroad where they are in demand for their durability and design.

In order to meet its aim of being the most outstanding plastic manufacturing company in the Philippines, Jolly invests heavily in research and development, crafting designs that delight its customers and increase their satisfaction. The company offers a diverse product range consisting of more than 80 varieties of plastic items.

Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation’s manufacturing arm can be found in a 1.7 hectare property in Valenzuela City. The facility operates 24 hours a day thanks to its computerized injection machines, robotics, and technical crews which enhance product quality and increase efficiency.


Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation aims to be known as the one of the most outstanding plastic manufacturing companies in the Philippines and abroad while setting trends in product design and innovation in plastic manufacturing.


The company aims to provide the most affordable and best-in-quality plastic products for its target customers through its commitment to the values of service, product excellence, and customer satisfaction to promote a mutually beneficial relationship with the consumers. Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation promotes a culture of dignity and respect for its workers within the organization by making their welfare and benefits the company’s priority.

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Jolly Plastic Molding Corp. 32 Mc-Arthur Hi-Way Maarulas, Valenzuela, National Capital Region (NCR)