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About JNJ Oil Industries Inc.

JOSE JAO, a seasoned leader in the industry, began his expertise in the field of Oil and Fats since 1976, established a company engaged in oil milling, UNIDECO CONSOLIDATED, MFG. INC. In 1988, JNJ Oil was born to complement its output seeing a promising market opportunity. 

True to his vision in providing quality product, he set a production standard that could equally meet with commercially available edible oil. This was the same principle he bestowed to his successor to stay afloat in a very competitive world of business and marketing. 

Though the requirement for CNO is being supplied by UNIDECO, the increasing demand for JNJ’s products were hardly met and production has to be doubled. This situation pushed JNJ Oil to source its raw material outside and acquire other oil miller’s output. 

To further grow and compete in an ever-competitive world of Oil and Fats, JNJ established its own Research and Development Division, investing not only in sophisticated laboratory equipments but also on people, to ensure availability of innovative product to the market and sustain quality. 

Proving its niche in international market, the company earned its first product export in 1994 to Japan as part of the country’s promotion of its domestic product. Today, with the help of DTI and other government agencies promoting the coconut oil industry, global market expands up to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Through continuous product innovation and quality development, from a single product quality of refined coconut oil, the company now has the capability of producing RBD via chemical and physical processes in 2003 when the company upgraded from a local fabricated plate column deodorizer chemical refining to ALFA LAVAL packed column. Engineering and Maintenance Division were also introduced for continuous production and periodic equipment care. Seminars and training were also conducted regularly in consonance to product innovation and quality. New production process and equipment were brought in to help improve and meet the demand of institutional buyers and semi-automated production line is in place for a more precise production output. 

Sanitation as one of the most important aspect in our operation, waste management system was then introduced to assure our customers that our product and plant maintains a high sanitation standard. 

At present, the company’s thrust is geared toward market expansion and innovation. All departments are working at synchronized pace to serve our clients better. As competition turns global, JNJ keeps on improving to meet the clients’ expectation and needs. In JNJ “We Make The World Healthier”.

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4301 Maharlika Highway, Barangay Isabang, JNJ Oil Compound, , Lucena City, QUEZON