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Our Vision: We Believe in EXCELLENCE as the constant call of our hearts, minds and strength in the attainment of needed PROFIT AND GROWTH THROUGH QUALITY AND LOYALTY

Zenco Sales, Inc. (ZSI) is a footwear company engaged in domestic and wholesale trading in the Philippines. With more

than 100 branches and franchises, ZSI is strategically located in the different parts of the archipelago to be able to make quality and affordable footwear available to all walks of life.

It’s shoe stores more popularly known as ZENCO FOOTSTSEP has a reputation for being the country’s leading footwear trader based on outstanding sales performance through the past fifty (50) years that has put ZSI consistently on the top 200 corporations in the Philippines.

With a solid marketing network, Zenco Footstep has the strongest foothold in the marketing and selling of footwear items in key market areas – a competitive edge which remains unequaled in the industry.

Footwear, being an indispensable commodity among a broad range of consumers, has greatly contributed to the growth of our stores to be able to supply an equally growing market demand for quality footwear.

As ZSI adapts to these flourishing changes in the industry, its goal is to penetrate a variety of markets whenever and wherever feasible. It is also our mission to upgrade the quality of our products and services that is reflective of the company’s confidence in the vast opportunities and potentials that remain untapped. This, in the long-term, shall be the key to ZSI’s growth, competitiveness and profitability.

Footstep distributes a wide array of in-house brands varying from athletic, leather and synthetic shoes, EVA and rubber sandals and slippers, as well as rain boots and socks catering to men, ladies and children. Our house brands include:


100% Kydd






Mighty Kid

Islander for Kids



As we adapt to the challenges of the times and the growing popularity of flipflops, we continue to widen distribution in both local and foreign market with one of our leading in-house brand, ISLANDER. Zenco Sales, is a distributor for Islander sandals and slippers.

Islander is a proudly Philippine made product with an assortment of styles of sandals and slippers; consistent product development and the use of quality materials guarantees affordability without sacrificing craftsmanship. All these traits is strategic to Islanders success and reaches out to a wide age, gender and socio-economic class.

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26th Floor, KP Tower, CM Recto, Binondo, Manila, National Capital Region (NCR)