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About Hong Sing Lkrr Commercial

We, at Hong Sing LKRR Commercial, would like to offer the following quality products to your company:



1.    Garbage Bag Sheet Type                         * Plastic Mulch

2.    Garbage Bag Roll Type                           * Plant Pots / Flower Pots

3.    PBS Bubble wrap                                     * PE Tube

4.    Anti-Static Bubbles                                  * Thermal Sticker

5.    Bubble Insulation                                     * Polyethylene Bag / Tubes

6.    Caution Tape                                            * Seedling Bags

7.    Egg Tray Plastic/Paper                            * Seedling Tray

8.    Food wrap / Clingwrap                             * UV Treated PE Film for Greenhouse

9.    Fruit Tray Clear                                        * Vacuum Bag for Frozen Food

10. HDPE Roll Bag                                        * OPP Plastic

11. Net Bag for Calamansi, Onion etc.                                                      * Stretch Film

12. Packaging Tape / Scotch Tape                 * Fragile Tape

13. Leatherette for Upholstery                       * Lazada Pouch

14. Laundry Bag / Sando Bags                       * Shopee Pouch




With courtesy, we are willing to meet you in person, regardless of our location, so as to discuss fully our intention. We would appreciate the chance of seeing you at your most convenient time and privilege to serve you in the near future.

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#48 Kapitan Akong St., Valenzuela, National Capital Region (NCR)