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About Hillsdale Marketing, Incorporated

M3 Ventures International, Inc. (formerly Manila Machinery & Supply Co., Inc.), is one of the original trading houses in the Philippines. Established in 1926 by American businessmen, the company initially served the equipment needs of the mining industry. Since then the company has gone beyond the initial market.

In 1972, a family of businessmen, imbued with the entrepreneurial spirit that has made them a success in the logging, wood, and poultry industries, purchased the company from its former British and American owners. For the first time, the company became Filipino owned. Under new management, the company experienced growth.

The company now has diverse product lines that serve the needs of almost all industries and most government institutions in the country.

Manila Machinery is known for its traditions and reliability. We continue to be perceived that way because we have already gone beyond the traditional role of a typical supplier. Through the years, this company has become a major partner in Philippine industrialization.

Almost nine decades of existence in a developing and volatile region is enough reason to do business with us.

Its Food and Supermarket division supplies equipment and other products such as: meat cutters, grinders, slicers, dicers, marinators, mixers, tie linkers, bowl cutters, tenderizers, skinners, ice machines, blades, knives and plates, pushcarts, check-out counters, shelvings, gondolas, refrigerated showcases, freezers, chillers, cold room, parts and service. Among its major suppliers are: Medoc (Spain), Braher (Spain), Hankook Fujee (Korea), F.Dick (Germany), MPS (Korea), Kasco Sharptech (USA), Olotinox (Spain), Gesame (Spain), Powerline (USA), SCS (Italy), Berjaya (Malaysia), Oscartielle (Italy), Tor -rey (Mexico), Quadro (Canada), Loedige (Germany), Talleres-Cato (Spain), Cozzini (USA), Sirman (Italy), Kim Loi Lai (Vietnam), Ice Power (China), Helper (China), Ubert (Germany), Nock (Germany), Cretel (Belgium), Victory Knives (New Zealand), National Band Saw Co. (USA) and Licoswiss (Switzerland).

Having grown for years, the food and supermarket equipment division of M3 Ventures International, Inc. spun off to become an independent company named HILLSDALE MARKETING INC. (HDMI) on May 9, 2001. M3 Ventures International, Inc. however still remains to be its mother company.

As to the after-sales service, our sister company, Escotek, Inc. caters to all the maintenance, repairs and rehabilitation needs of food machines and equipment to support Hillsdale.

Committed to our vision-mission, HDMI shall continue to provide our client's requirements with the usual promptness and efficiency.

Our Vision

A self-sustaining company that envisions to become one of the leading companies in the country supplying food processing equipment and other allied lines for global competitiveness

Our Mission

To continuously distribute and supply quality food processing equipment and other allied lines serving the ever-growing needs of the local and international market.

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