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About Green Bio-Solar Energy International Corp.

Green Bio-Solar Energy International (GBSEI) was established in 2009 to promote affordable, clean, modern, and sustainable renewable energy technologies to the rural people of Philippines to improve their living standards and to protect the environment they are living in.

Our model consists of the following key elements:

We offer innovative financing and no direct subsidies to make the renewable energy technology cost-effective to traditional energy alternatives and to create ownership

We create awareness for renewable energy technologies and forge community partnerships through technology transfer and local capacity development.

We focus on consumer needs and provide high quality services including consumer friendly product design, installation, training on proper use, effective after sales support and maintenance, and strict quality control

We tap into local market forces and contribute to the economic diversification of the rural sector through entrepreneur development and job creation directly or indirectly linked to renewable energy technologies

We focus on women as the main actors and entrepreneurs of change

We make solar energy affordable for all Filipinos.

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Carolina, Naga City, CAMARINES SUR