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About Filipino Creazione de Mano Inc.

The young, dynamic all-Filipino team behind Filipino Creazione de Mano is fueled by the renewed sense of hope in the country and in the abundance of Filipino artistry available that has a strong global marketability and deserves more recognition.

Known for the more classic and universal Top-of-the-Line and Export Quality Designs, FILIPINO CREAZIONE de MANO has exported to various countries namely Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Middle East and other Asian countries.

Today, the company’s fresh, new line of high-quality, luxurious furniture and décor is handcrafted with the detail and meticulous design of the Filipino Artisan. All items made from the finest Philippine mahogany (kiln-dried) wood which makes a perfect canvass for the novel and elegant designs offered now.

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No. 9710 Technology Resource Center Paralayunan, Mabalacat, PAMPANGA