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About FH Colors & Coatings Corp.

For more than two decades, we at FH Colors & Coatings Corporation have dedicated ourselves to providing the best that our company has to offer, not only for the purpose of carving a respectable name for ourselves within the industry for being a fair company that produces reliable and dependable products, but also to meet our own personal standards of quality stemming from our utmost wish to serve the public to our highest capacity.

From our humble beginnings upon opening in 1989 as a small manufacturing company specializing in the production of architectural paints, automotive finishes, industrial coatings and constructions chemicals, we have now grown to accommodate a more diverse and sophisticated product line that accommodates more unique and specific purposes making us a sought after brand for people from all walks of life.

As we were created with the vision of trading paints and chemicals for the coating industry, we had originally catered to hardware stores, construction suppliers, original equipment manufacturers, paint dealers, and specialty coatings industries. However, driven by the innovative and pioneering spirit of our team, we have continued to design a wider variety of products and it was in 2002 that we celebrated our expansion by moving to a new manufacturing site in Silang, Cavite which remains to be our home until today.

The trinity that stands as our very foundation, and the main brands borne from our team’s hard work, creativity and discipline include A-PLUS, Glazer Industrial Finishes and HANSCOAT.

 Glazer focuses on Industrial finishes, while HANSCOAT concentrated on Automotive Performance Coatings. A-PLUS has been making waves in recent years for the notable distinction it has garnered. Specializing in House Paints, A-Plus has been a consistent favorite of the Consumer’s Union of the Philippines at the Annual National Consumers Awards having bagged the “Quality Value Paint” Award for five consecutive years. An honor that our entire team is truly grateful for in learning that we were chosen by our effectivity in pleasing our customer’s needs, as well as our outstanding performance, high production standards, and product value. It is for our commitment to such values that we are happy to gain the trust of country’s most celebrated couple, Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista, who, when away from the limelight of the public are down to earth hands-on homebodies that have come to support our commitment to quality.

 More than a company, we are a family and we aim to treat everybody in the community that we are part of a family as well, as we are steadfast in ensuring that we meet all our social responsibilities and that we uphold our vow to protect the environment through implementing green manufacturing.

 As we look towards our many goals in the future, we will continue to execute our pledge to provide great value products and services that will delight all our customers that have supported us over the years and for those to come, through business and research development to ensure that we are always at the top of our game.

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BSLG Greenway Business Park. Governor Drive, Bulihan, Silang, CAVITE

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