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About D'Farmer's Market

The D'Farmer's Market is a family owned agricultural business established and registered with the Department of Trade and Industry in 1992. It is engaged in the development, production, processing and marketing of fresh and frozen durian and other fruits.

The company is owned by the family of Mr. Candelario B. Miculob. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Durian Industry Council of Davao City and Board of Trustee of the Mindanao Fruit Industry Development Council.

Products and Services

The company looks forward as major player in the production and marketing of fresh and frozen durian and other fruits in the local and international market. In 2013, the company put up a Fruit Processing Plant that blast freeze and vacuum pack fresh durian meat and other fruits. Specifically, the facility aims to establish the cold chain facility with the following technological interventions.

Protect the integrity of the fresh fruits during freezing process by preventing water from separating and crystallizing outside fruit tissues.

Maintain frozen state of fruits during storage and transit

Prolong the shelf-life and quality of fresh frozen fruits from harvest until it reaches to the final and intended consumer.

The plant can process four (4) tons a day of fresh fruits and employ 30 labor force.

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Pryce Road, F. Torres St., Bajada, Davao, DAVAO DEL SUR