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About Dasma Packaging and Plastic Products

Dasma Packaging and Plastic Products, is established in 2004, offers a wide array of paper, plastic, and film products in wholesaling and retailing. It has established its presence in the market offering highly reliable and value-added products with its line of plastic bags, paper bags, non-woven bags, laminating films, styros, cake box, acetate box (cylindrical and quadrilateral), seedling bags, trays and other agricultural products, related party needs, related baking tools and supplies, etc.
Dealer: PP, PE, OPP Bags, Trash Bags, Paper Bags, Non-woven Bags, Assorted Party Needs, Disposable Gloves, Disposable Plastic Containers, Agricultural Supplies, Seedling Bags, Seedling Trays, Mulching Films, Shade Nets, Clear Acetate boxes, POF/PVC Shrinkable Films and Bags, Laminating Films/roll, Laminating Machines, OPP bags with Adhesives and headers, PE bags with Ziplock, Stretch Films, Packaging Tapes, Styro and Plastic Balls, Heat Shrink Cap Seals, Sealer, Sando bags, Tissues, Office Supplies.

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Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy Sampaloc 1, , Dasmarinas City , CAVITE

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