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About CloudCfo Inc.

CloudCfo is an established, professional and trusted outsourced accounting and finance service provider for businesses in the Philippines. 

Based in Metro Manila, we help companies achieve real growth through the highest level of professionalism, transparency and innovation in accounting and finance services. 

With a portfolio of 80+ client companies in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila, we have extensive knowledge and expertise across a wide range of markets, sectors and industries. We are experts on the local regulatory and tax compliance regime. 

We don’t require any lock-in periods from our clients. We have full confidence in our services. 

CloudCfo is revolutionizing the world of outsourced accounting and finance services through the use of secure online accounting platforms, cloud technology and smart solutions. This enables us to operate remotely while our clients hold on to the financial controls. 

We use an ecosystem of proven SAAS tools to help our clients grow and eliminate the need to invest in an expensive ERP. Some of the solutions that we work with include Quickbooks, Xero, Unleashed, Hilsoft and Storehub. 

While our outsourced bookkeeping services are performed online, real humans still take care of your books of accounts. Our teams, led by experienced and professional CPAs, are experts in the full range of outsourced accounting and finance services. They are always just one click away. 

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to any business model, sector or industry. They include:

Online Bookkeeping 

We service a range of companies and industries in the Philippines, particularly Metro Manila. Our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services are performed via online accounting solutions and cloud accounting technology. Tailored bookkeeping services to align with your company’s growth objectives.

While our bookkeeping services are performed online, our team, led by experienced CPAs, are always making sure that your books of accounts are in compliance with accounting standards and financial reporting requirements. No need for office visits. Access your books of accounts anywhere in the world!

Tax & Compliance

We advise corporations, partnerships and self-employed individuals in the Philippines on how to achieve compliance with tax returns and reporting requirements. We help ensure that your company never misses a tax filing deadline again. 

We have extensive experience working with local taxation laws and compliance and reporting regulations. We are also experts on the requirements for SEC submissions, BIR Forms and Tax Certificates. 

We also help align tax payment estimates with our monthly financial closing process and draft all tax returns in preparation for filing deadlines.

Payroll Services

By outsourcing your company payroll to CloudCfo, your company benefits from a hassle-free, automated process across all employee-related payments. We ensure that all taxes, deductions and contributions are processed and remitted to the BIR, the SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF and others.

Our processes are fully transparent. You can view the status of your payroll process from any place at any time. With our teams, led by experienced CPAs, and payroll processes in place, you will never miss an employee payment or tax filing deadline again. 

Regular Financial Reporting

We can deliver financial reports on a monthly and quarterly basis. We use online solutions and cloud accounting technology so clients can access and interpret their financial reports whenever they want. We develop KPIs and key financial ratios tailored to your business.

We generate financial reports with real purpose and real value - not just for BIR or SEC compliance. We provide our clients with the most valuable financial information so they can plan with confidence for future growth. 

Payables and Disbursements

We design and implement systems and controls to ensure that the recording and processing of payments and disbursements from your company is automated, secure and integrated across the business. We also help clients prepare value-added cash flow forecasts. 

Payables and disbursements might cover cash expenses, training fees, BIR payments, Government and staff contributions (SSS, HDMF, PhilHealth, etc), courier fees, short term loans, membership fees, corporate registrations (e.g. trademark registrations), dividend payments and more. 

We also help companies prepare budgets with full confidence in their financial data. 

Invoicing & Collections

We help you get paid on time, every time. We monitor cashflow, identify outstanding payments, reduce invoice times and reconcile your accounts receivable. We also help companies transition to a fully automated invoicing process.  

We can help track invoice deliveries, identify overdue payments, develop a system for invoice queries, generate forecasts and plan for growth. 

We also advise on software tools and solutions for automated preparation and sending of invoices and statements of accounts. 

Budgets & Financial Planning

We are invested in your future and growth. We work with you to identify key income drivers, direct and overhead expenses. We generate profit margin projections, materials and service costings and identify areas for greater cost efficiencies. 

We will also monitor the implementation and execution of your financial plan, evaluate business performance and report on effectiveness.

We also work with you to develop long-term strategies and plans around how the company can make the most of the financial resources at its disposal in line with the company’s overall business objectives. 

Catch-up accounting 

We get your company’s books of accounts back on track. We collect historic receipts, invoices, tax documents and expenses. We record them all, perform bank reconciliations and put together the full story of your company finances. 

After that, we advise on the most efficient processes to ensure your accounts remain up to date and can contribute fully to the growth of your business. 

This might include advising on the use of accounting software solutions, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll optimization and robust processes to ensure you never miss another filing or reporting deadline.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

A value-added outsourced offering for accounting, bookkeeping and finance services. With CloudCfo, you can engage the expertise of a CFO without investing in recruitment, training, and salary. We offer a top-quality remote CFO service for clients at every stage of their growth journey.  

We provide the service virtually, through the use of online accounting solutions, SAS tools and cloud technology. Our processes are fully transparent. The client can access their accounts, financial data, and reports at any time and from any place. 

We provide key guidance around the areas of business structuring, strategic planning, fundraising, debt financing, tax management and optimization, KPI definition, dashboard reporting, financial modeling, and other finance-related company activities and decisions. 

Corporate Services

Everything you need to get your business registered, compliant and operational. We deal with the main Government agencies in Metro Manila and the Philippines to secure all business permits, certificates, authorizations and licenses necessary to get your business up and running. 

We advise foreign and domestic owned startups, SMEs, large corporates and multinationals on their business registration, business services, and operational needs.

Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC, General Information Sheet - GIS, Business Name registration , Preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Preparation of By-Laws, Treasurer’s Affidavit, Local Government Units - LGU, Barangay Clearance, Mayor’s and Business Permit, Bureau of Internal Revenue - BIR, Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Registration of Books of Accounts, Authorisation for Sales Mechanisms (POS/printed receipts), Pag-IBIG Fund, Philhealth, Social Security System (SSS), Department of Trade and Industry - DTI.

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