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About Cibes Lift Philippines Inc

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

An idea about a lift in 1947 laid the foundation of the Cibes Lift Group. Today Cibes is one of the world’s leading (and fastest-growing) manufacturers of low-speed lifts.

The Cibes Lift Group, headquarter in Gävle Sweden, has roots that go back to 1947. A civil engineer named Bertil Svedberg (Civil engineer Bertil Svedberg = Cibes) started manufacturing freight lifts. Production numbers were small, about 30 a year, so during the 1960s focus was instead turned on simple lifts for home modifications for people with disabilities. Developments intensified in the 70s when Cibes also started production of screw-driven lifts. This screw technology, without hydraulics, has since become one of Cibes' most important features and a significant factor for its success. Screw-driven low-speed lifts are simple to customize and install without any major renovations, they are easy to use, reliable and last a long time.

Cibes Lift Group has subsidiaries in 11 countries and we deliver lifts to 50 countries through our global network of 200 distributors.

From 2013 to 2015, subsidiaries were started up in Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Norway, China, Spain and France, all countries with considerable market potential. The Group’s direct sales are supplemented by sales through an extensive network of distributors in 50 countries. Cibes international expansion takes place under the motto.

”Access for Everyone Everywhere”

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G Business Hub, 5th Floor, Unit 502, 728 Shaw Boulevard, Wack Wack, , Mandaluyong City, National Capital Region (NCR)

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