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About Central Seafoods Inc.

Central Seafoods, Inc.

is a corporate entity established in 1997 and is duly registered by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission and by the Philippine Board of Investments as a processor and exporter of fresh frozen marine products and pasteurized canned crab meat.

Production Capacity

Central Seafoods, Inc.  operates several raw materials buying stations and satellite picking plants in the Visayas, a region situated in the central part of the Philippines and in Mindanao in the Southern region.  With the Main Plant and Headquarters being situated in the central part of the Philippines, CSI has no difficulties in expanding the raw materials sourcing up north to the southern part of Luzon, the Bicol Region, thereby, increasing the combined production capacity to 3,000 metric tons per year.


CSI is exporting mainly to the United States although exports to Japan, Korea and Hong Kong are steadily gaining due to increase in demand. CSI is also aiming to penetrate the European Union and the Middle East markets. This has given the company great pride in helping the nation generate much needed foreign exchange , clearly defining our humble contribution in the strengthening and development of the country’s economy.

Our Vision

We are the leader in the innovation and production of the highest quality, globally competitive seafood products.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with healthy and safe seafood products while ensuring the preservation of our marine resources.

We contribute to the professional advancement and uplift the living  standards of our employees and the fishing communities we operate with.

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1 Mohogany St. Pilipog, Cordova, CEBU