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About CE-LINK Electronics Limited

CE-LINK Limited is a direct manufacturer of premium electronics products such as cables, power, signal adapter, audio, AV and mobile accessories. With more than 4000 employees all over the world. It has five major factories located in Hanoi (Vietnam), Bao'an District (China), Jiangxi Anfu-I (China), Jiangxi Suichuan (China) and Jianxi Anfu-II (China).

CE-LINK Limited is the preferred manufacturer of global brands worldwide. It offers OEM and brand customization. The company is equipped with the latest production, molding, SMT and testing machines.

CE-LINK Limited have well experienced R&D team of highly skilled engineers. It invested 4.5% annual sales turnover each year on R&D. The R&D department is equipped with modern equipment to develop and test products using the most advanced in electronics manufacturing operations.

CE-LINK mission is to design and manufacture Cables and Mobile Phone Accessories for market and technology leaders of the world, to continuously strive for latest technology and to provide best service to all its' customers worldwide.

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1445-D Balagtas Street, Makati, National Capital Region (NCR)