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About Bubble Tapioca Specialist, Inc.

BUBBLE TAPIOCA SPECIALIST INC. is your one stop shop for bubble tea product requirements. We supply black sago, nata crystals, milk creamers, popping bobbas, kanten jelly, konjac jelly, coconut jelly, black tea, black sugar, fructose syrup, wintermelon syrup, fruit juices, paper cups, pp cups, paper bowls, sealer films, sealing machines and other machinery for your bubble tea store needs at very reasonable prices. 

We manufacture our own quality black tapioca pearls to ensure you get just the right hint of sweetness and chewy consistency that bubble tea drinkers love. Our black tapioca pearls are 100% borax free and vacuum-packed to maintain utmost product quality. This helps you store your black tapioca inventory better, and avoid product losses like spoilage and having crushed pearls due to handling, as experienced with conventional loose plastic packaging. Experience our yummy black sago with the right resistance to the bite.

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18-P Miller Compund, Miller St. Brgy. Bungad,, Quezon City, National Capital Region (NCR)