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BOTE CENTRAL, INC. is a family-owned corporation established on March 22, 2002, with a vision of Working to Clean & Save the Environment by using agro-forest products for livelihood.

At present, the company is focused on the joint production and consumption program of Philippine coffee, rationalizing the supply chain and embedding Fair Trade principles to promote the Philippine coffee industry’s sustainability.

It is focused on deploying community roasting business units (CRBUs) all over the country, most especially in the countryside, propelling local economies by having different business models of retailing Philippine brewed coffee.

We have a passion both for business and nurturing nature. We practice Fair Trade. We deal directly with farmers to avoid unnecessary traders & middlemen. We believe in using technology to promote efficiency at community levels as a means of improving & sustaining the business. We design/build small and big scratch built machines for our own use and benefit, whilst sharing them with partner producer communities. We innovate and re-invent.

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21 Graceful corner Menchie Sts., B.F.Almanza, Subdivision, Almanza, Las Piñas City, Las Piñas, National Capital Region (NCR)