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About BONO Artisanal Gelato

Our inherent love for gelato brought us to Italy where we studied at the prestigious Carpigiani Gelato University. We soon realized that the only way to bring the authentic gelato experience to the Philippines is to recreate old-world handcrafted gelato-making techniques. We came back with everything that we learned and combined it with our passion for authentic Italian-style gelato.

BONO Gelato made its debut on December 2012 when the first store located in SM Makati introduced the then relatively unknown flavor of Speculoos (cookie butter). This set off a year-long trend of Speculoos in the food scene. With inventive flavors such as Lemon Basil, Cereal and Milk, Summer Lavender, Chocolate Peperoncino, Mango Sake, Blueberry & Goat Cheese, Strawberries & Prosecco, and Taho among others, BONO Gelato raised the bar for the gelato and ice cream industry and established its position as Manila’s top gelateria.

The name BONO was derived from the Italian word “Buono“, which means good or great combined with the Latin word “Gelatus” which means frozen.

The BONO Difference

We source our ingredients fresh, locally, when we can - we search the globe to find the finest ingredients for our gelato - whether its vanilla beans from Madagascar, chocolate from Belgium, local fresh milk (not UHT), farm-fresh eggs, blueberries strawberries and pistachios from California or mangoes and coffee from our own Philippine growers.

Our Gelato is made with all-natural ingredients that are fresh-churned daily and hand-crafted in small batches.

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