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About Bioguard Corporation

Bioguard is a global animal health diagnostic company. We are dedicated to providing thorough animal disease diagnostic services and manufacturing various diagnostic test kits.


Our headquarters is located in Taiwan along with multiple branches, which are in Shanghai, Shenyang, and Guangzhou in China, as well as in Canada. In 2018, Bioguard Animal Health Diagnostic Center in Shanghai began operations. Together with Bioguard Animal Health Diagnostic Center in Taipei, we are able to support veterinarians with our clinical diagnostic services.


Our name, Bioguard, it’s a combination of biology and guard. Along with our corporate motto, “Science for animal care”, it signals our company’s dedication to protecting animal health with our technologies and accurate, professional help.


Bioguard provides animal disease diagnostic services and products. Our animal health diagnostic center is the first and only ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited animal disease testing laboratory in Taiwan and China, which demonstrated that Bioguard meets international standards. Our canine/ feline diagnostic test kits are developed and produced by ourselves and monitored by our research teams, including molecular biologists, clinical veterinarians, and medical technologists. We scrutinize our products with the standards of human diagnostic kits. With our research teams, we not only support veterinarians with our diagnostic services but also bring the frontiers of knowledge and technology to veterinarians and pet owners.

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