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Baguio City Food retail and service

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About Baguio Ice Plant and Cold Storage Inc. (BIPCSI) PURI-ICE

BAGUIO ICE PLANT AND COLD STORAGE, INC. (BIPCSI) , located at a very accessible and prime area, #147 Manuel Roxas St.,  was founded by the husband and wife team of Judge Alfonso  O. Tabora and Gerarda L. Gonzales in 1949. Duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 9, 1986, it became the first privately owned ice plant in the City of Baguio and the Cordillera. BIPCSI is the pioneer in the manufacturing, selling, and delivery of block ice and tube ice in the city and provinces in Benguet and Mt. Province.

As the City of Pines grew, so did BIPCSI. To date, it is the most reliable ICE SUPPLIER of malls, restaurants, hotels as well as SMEs all over the city and beyond supplying the ice and cold storage needs of the businesses in the city and neighboring towns and provinces. It hygienically produces block ice, tube ice, and crushed ice. Its growing clientele can testify that BIPCSI ice products are food-grade and safe for consumption.

In 1981, BIPCSI purchased the adjacent property as an additional ice production facility and built cold storage powered by a Vilter 450 compressor. This additions increased the company’s revenue. As a business firm, BIPCSI has provided jobs to many and continues to produce and deliver quality products.

This family business never rests. It is sensitive to the growing needs and demands of its customers. BIPCS continuously invests in high-end equipment and machinery: The efficient  Vogt Tube Ice Machine, Ice  O Matic  Dice Ice  Machine, and Water Purification equipment.  BIPCSI purchased additional and bigger delivery trucks to serve the needs of its growing clientele.

2012 marked the birth of PURI-ICE. Licensed by the Department of Trade and Industry, PURI-ICE  ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR HYGIENICALLY PRODUCED ICE, where water undergoes purification and treatment making it safe to use for beverages, concoctions and more. Today, PURI-ICE reigns as the trusted ICE-TUBE SPECIALIST  IN  BAGUIO CITY  AND BEYOND.

BAGUIO ICE PLANT AND COLD STORAGE INC.,  and PURI-ICE have successfully put up a branch in the progressive town of Calasiao, Pangasinan. Success and expansion are in the pipeline for the years to come.  This and more is the PLEDGE  of the ICE-SPECIALIST…PURI-ICE.


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148, Manuel Roxas Street, , Baguio City, BENGUET

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