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About Artic Forest Products, Inc.

Bring home Finland’s deep forest. Breathe in the cozy scent of nature and experience the elegance and prestige of FINLAND’S GREEN GOLD.

With the modernization of the construction and architecture industry nowadays, ARCTIC FOREST PRODUCTS, INC. offers a natural, healthy and classic touch to your scheme, as well as providing you versatility, beauty, and strength.

ARCTIC FOREST PRODUCTS, INC. is a local company that promotes and sells strong and slowly grown pinewoods from Finland. Finnish pine is cut only when it reaches at least 75 years old. Wood’s beauty lies in its strength and its strength comes from proper aging. That’s why it matters where it comes from. That’s why AGE DOES MATTER.


Our vision is, “To be the number one solution provider of quality sustainable wood and composite, finishing, structural materials in the Philippines.” 

This vision originated out of the two needs of the wood market in the Philippines. First, the local logging industry is restricted due to over-harvesting and depleted forest reserves. Today, it threatened with the outrageous destruction of our rain forest by increasingly problematic forestry practices. Secondly, there is a large unmet need for a beautiful and durable wood product which can be used outdoors or indoors.

Upon discovering this, since 2008, Arctic Forest Products, Inc. has been expanding and extending the knowledge about the timber, offering solutions and variety of applications; the perfect complement to your dream house. Today, Arctic Forest Products, Inc facilitates ongoing expansion into the world of Wood Industry in the Philippines.

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Unit 7D Azure Business Center, No. 1197, EDSA, Bgry. Katipunan, , Quezon City, National Capital Region (NCR)

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