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About Architects Espina, Perez-Espina & Associates

ESPINA, PEREZ-ESPINA & ASSOCIATES is a professional partnership. It began as a single proprietorship of two principals, Cristobal B.C. Espina (+) and Filomena Perez-Espina (+) in 1946 and, since then, has developed into the partnership that it is today. Through the years, the firm has established a practice primarily engaged with architectural services that reach beyond Cebu to the neighboring islands of the Visayas and Mindanao. 

         In the 1980's, the firm opened an office in Manila to service its clientele in the Luzon area. Omar Maxwell Espina, together with Filna Daphne Espina and Joseph Michael Espina, manage the main branch in Cebu as Principal Architects while the branch office in Manila is managed by Cristopher Stonewall Espina, and Mary Ann Arañas-Espina. The firm believes in the philosophy that architecture should be expressive of the client's needs and is relevant to its context. This principle best serves the interests of its client and pays homage to the intangible quality of Relevant Architecture. 

         The firm's designs provide for the clients' building program and reflect a studied approach to the influence of nature and the physical characteristics of the site. In its corporate roster, the firm is a professional partnership of family members with combined expertise in Architecture, Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design. As the firm approaches its 70th year of service, it will continue to improve and provide utmost service to its clients and the community.

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312 Juana Osmeña Extension, Cebu City, CEBU