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ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION is a Fast Growing Processor and one of the leading Innovator of High Valued, Functional Food, Super Food and Herbal Food Coconut and Cacao Products that "PROVIDE HEALTH BENEFITS & ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT GUILT". We have our own Research & Development, Processing Facilities & Warehouse located in the Provinces of Mindanao and Luzon.  

ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION having its owned Farm of Coconut & Cacao and also in partnership with other Farmers, where we teach them on Sustainability-Oriented Methods in Organic Farming and provide them monetary incentives and paid premium price to their Coconut & Cacao. We harvest the fruits and process immediately into High Valued Products and distributed for Export, Wholesale and Retail to consumers local and abroad. Our Sales Office and warehouse was located near Philippine Main Seaport & Main Airport in Manila, where our products are can be easily ship out to all over the World.  

Our products are CERTIFIED 100% ORGANIC which is the highest Category for being Organic which means all ingredients are all Certified Pure Organic. The other category is Certified Organic (95%), 70% Organic & With Organic Ingredients. Certified 100% Organic has allowed to put 100% with Organic Logo on the label. While Certified Organic (95%) is only the Organic Logo is allowed to put in the label and no percentage. While 70% Organic and With Organic Ingredients is not allowed to put the Organic Logo including percentage.   

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Unit 301 MJM Bldg, #650 J.P. Rizal St. Barangay Valenzuela., Makati City, National Capital Region (NCR)